We Made The Top 100 Soap Making Blogs

top 100 soap making blogs

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this morning and learned that Merrywood Farm Soaps made the top 100 Soap Making Blogs list.

Feedspot lets you read all your favorite blogs in one place. There is a number of “Top 100” and “Top 50” lists for just about any subject you’re interested in.

The first thing I looked at after opening my email was finding what placement my blog took on this website. I was happy to learn I made it at #46: the top 50! There were a number of my favorite soapers on the list (of course) and quite a few soapers who were unknown to me. You can bet that I’ll be checking out the new blogs as time allows.

I found a couple of mistakes about my listing, however. First off, the “About” information wasn’t correct. That is probably because I had nothing written in that section of my channel. So I quickly added a description on what my videos are about.  You can find the “About” page HERE.   Second, the article had written that I post once a month. I’m happy to say that I’ve been posting once a week!

You’ll find a new video uploaded every Thursday.

Be sure to check out my soap making videos when you have a chance.  All of my soaps are available in my SHOP and there are a few listed on ETSY.

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