Visiting the 2017 Colonial Quilt Show

elizabeth city

Personally,  I’ve never been to a Quilt Show.   So when I heard about the Colonial Quilt Lovers Coastal Inspirations Quilt Show I was thrilled to be going.

The event was held at the Knobbs Creek Recreation Center in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

2017 Quilt Show Elizabeth City

the quilt show

The entry fee was only $5.  We were given a pamphlet and a small plastic glove.

The plastic glove threw me for a loop for a minute there.  But then I realized what these were for.   Makes sense.  With all that hard work sewing up those quilts, they don’t want everyone’s dirty fingers rubbing all over it.

I didn’t use the gloves.  However, I was in AWE of the fine work these quilts possessed.  With each quilt, there was a card with the artist’s name and a story of why they chose that design and colors.  Those stories were amazing.      One Quilt, in particular, stood out to me.  “Ties of a Lifetime” made by Jackie Howard.

Dr. George Koehlhandmade quilt

Doesn’t that story just melt your heart?

Every piece that I saw at this year’s event was amazing.   Another Quilt was for a retired nursed.

Nurse quilt

Are you wondering who won?  Of course, there was a contest of sorts.   And the winner for Best Of Show was “Flowers for Mama” by Gloria Roberts.  It was beautiful.

best of show quilt

More than just  quilts

They were also giving away a Military  Appreciation Quilt.  Moving along to the next booth you could find handmade gift items for quilters and non-quilters.  Those items started at just $1.  Opportunity Baskets were for sale which contained fabrics and notions for your next sewing project.  The local chapter of Project Linus was there with information on their organization.

Outside the event, you could find the Yarn Truck from Kitty Hawk, NC.   Ashley wanted me to check out all their yarns they had available.  I had to make sure she didn’t leave with a basket full!

Well,  that was my take on visiting my first Quilt Show.  If you know of some important points I missed, then leave me a comment below!