Soap Making: Piping Rose Scented Cupcake Soap


Piping Cupcake Soap

There is a group of very talented ladies who get together monthly and create fabulous soaps in what is called The Great Cakes Soap Challenge club.  I have participated several times so far.  Unfortunately, I haven’t won any of the soap making challenges.  But the possibility is very exciting!  Plus, I get to learn new techniques, as well as compare my talents with some of the best.

 Honestly,  Their skills are beyond comprehension!

 I mean this is just SOAP MAKING for goodness sakes!  Nope.  You are wrong.  This is ART.  Therapy, even.   It’s a Passion!

The video below was my first entry in September of 2016.  It is my most popular video so far!

The technique in September was piping.  Even though I’ve never been great at it,  you’ll see in the video that my roses weren’t too bad.  I’m quite proud of my cupcake soap.

Take a look at the video and leave me a comment…  

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