Promise: Our First Set of Triplets

Our First Set of Triplets

In our 7 years of raising dairy goats, we have never had a doe give us triplets.  This year,  that has changed.

merrywood farm | tripletsAnother beautiful Day

Saturday was a beautiful day and I bought a kiddy pool for my children to splash in.  We placed it near the goat pen so I  can enjoy watching both my children and my kids.  I’m happy that way.

I noticed Promise acting unusually uncomfortable and knew kids would be coming by Sunday evening. 

Little did I know that just an hour later she’d be delivering her first kid.  That little goat was as small as a bantam chicken!  And it didn’t look like Mom was having another.  Surely Promise was going to have more that one.  She couldn’t be that large and just deliver one tiny goat!

The first born was a beautiful tan girl who was said looked like a Camel.  And so she is named Camelot.

Not long after Camelot arrived the brother was born.  The night was over.  Or so we thought.  Momma and babies were doing well.  Off to bed we went.

triplets goats

Shannon went out in the kid pen at 10 pm with a flashlight scurrying around.  I thought she just wanted to see the kids before bed.  Shannon usually likes to make sure the new kids are all doing well before she turns in for the night.  Or, so I assumed.

we have triplets

Shannon enters my bedroom later to announce that Promise, our momma goat, had another Girl!  Oh happy day, we had triplets!  I knew that Camelot was smaller than most.  Now we know why!  Triplets!

Matt Damon

Triplets are not that unusual among dairy goat farmers.  Twins and singles are the standard numbers.  However, having triplets isn’t all that common on our farm.  In fact, this is our first triplet birth! 

Two kiddings and 5 kids. 

Naming the triplets

The first goat kid born is a tan color and was named “Camelot”.  The little brother is black with white markings and has been named “Matt Damon”.  The third baby goat is a girl and has beautiful tri-colored markings.  She has not been named yet.

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