How Our Farm Began

How Our Farm Began

Merrywood Farm began the summer of 2010 when my second daughter bought her first pair of goats.  The whole family drove up to the small Alpaca farm in Virginia to pick them up and bring them home.  If you have ever ridden with goats in an SUV…. you know that we had a very memorable ride!  Marla (the baby girl goat) yelled all the way home!  That did not deter us from purchasing more animals …. our first flock of chickens came a few weeks later and then a handful of ducks to have about the farm.  

And what is a farm without a livestock guardian dog and a few mini-dachshunds?  And let’s not forget the guineas that help with the tick and snake population. 

We now have a yard full of critters and we are learning something new every day!

 Visit our “GOAT” page to see what animals we have available for your little homestead.  Or visit the SHOP page to browse the soaps that are made using the milk from our goats. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.