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Let me simply get started and explain what happened.  Yesterday morning was a normal beginning to our hectic day as usual.  I had gone out of town to run a few errands before our company arrived.  The errands went well and home I went to begin my “speed cleaning before guests arrive” routine.

 Let me tell you, there’s a lot that gets done during this rush.

Merrywood FarmOnce home, my eldest daughter has a level of excitement in her eyes as she says “We have twins”.  I couldn’t speak.  There were so many thoughts going through my mind at that statement!

  • our two guests arrived early?
  • my house is still a mess!
  • we have two UNEXPECTED guests that showed up?

The expression on her face was now of confusion and worry.  It seemed to say “Are you alright, Mom?”  I can only imagine the expression my face was conveying.

We Do Have A Schedule

FARM NEWSHere on the farm, we breed our herd in the fall.  Everything is written down concerning the breeding schedule because we don’t want any nasty surprises.  We like to be prepared.  This year mid-April is when birthing will begin.  We wrote it on our calendar,  April 14th to be exact.

So…. our goat Pearl had given birth this morning unbeknownst to us.  When my eldest had gone outside to feed the guard dog, Maya, she found her standing in the middle of the pasture with something below her.  Maya was protecting the new kid from danger.  How sweet is that?  But wait,  We had twins remember?  We found the boy standing in the barn.  And the Mom?  We had to look for her.  And we didn’t even know who she was!


But finally, she was found.  And when she was reunited with her kids she was afraid of them.  I suppose our guard dog, Maya, had scared the Mom away so she could protect the kids.  Or the kid in this case as she only had the one.

Pearl is the mother.  It’s a funny thing,  our Pearl was also a surprise baby and was being protected by Maya at the time of HER birth.  And  I had to go find HER mother!  It must run in the family.  (sigh)! Pearl was due April 14th which means she was a whole week early.  She showed no signs of birthing soon, and this was her first freshening.

Today’s Update

Mom and babies are doing well.  We put them in their own private stall in the barn.  Mom is a little skittish with the kids, but she’s coming around.  They are both active and eating well.

Pearl gave us a buckling and a doeling.  Both are just as sweet and adorable as can be. Maya, the sweet guard dog that she is, is out protecting the herd as she should.

Now we have 4 more births to go.  Let’s hope those stick to the schedule!


The kids have names:   Marshmallow and Mario.

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