Making Handmade Soap on Mother’s Day | Beauty

Goat Milk Soap

Since I absolutely love handmade soap that is what I spent my Mother’s Day doing!  Beauty is the name I chose for this soap.  Once the decorations were on it reminded me of Beauty and the Beast.

I used the hanger swirl technique for the inside swirl pattern.  The embeds were pre-piped with cold process soap.

During the soap making process my soap batter began to thicken.  I’m not totally sure why it has been doing this so I’ll be re-examining my water content for my next batch.  However,  that would be great if I were piping!

Change The Way You Shower

If you’ve never tried HANDMADE SOAP, I strongly encourage you to do so.  And if you are really feeling like pampering yourself,  purchase one of our Artisan Goat Milk Soaps.

There is something special about using everyday items that are lovingly handmade.  From soaps to quilts, suncatchers to a bouquet of freshly picked flowers.  The use of these handmade items reminds us that there can be love and beauty in everything we do.

And to make things even more interesting… I’ve made videos of my soap making process.  You can view the making of BEAUTY in the box below.  And you are welcome to visit my YOUTUBE Channel and watch all my other videos where I show how I make my soaps.