Promise: Our First Set of Triplets

Our First Set of Triplets In our 7 years of raising dairy goats, we have never had a doe give us triplets.  This year,  that has changed. Another beautiful Day Saturday was a beautiful day and I bought a kiddy pool for my children to splash in.  We placed it ...
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cupcake soap

Soap Making: Piping Rose Scented Cupcake Soap

Piping Cupcake Soap There is a group of very talented ladies who get together monthly and create fabulous soaps in what is called The Great Cakes Soap Challenge club.  I have participated several times so far.  Unfortunately, I haven't won any of the soap making challenges.  But the possibility is ...
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Farm News: Surprise Update

Farm News of the Day Let me simply get started and explain what happened.  Yesterday morning was a normal beginning to our hectic day as usual.  I had gone out of town to run a few errands before our company arrived.  The errands went well and home I went to begin ...
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elizabeth city

Visiting the 2017 Colonial Quilt Show

Personally,  I've never been to a Quilt Show.   So when I heard about the Colonial Quilt Lovers Coastal Inspirations Quilt Show I was thrilled to be going. The event was held at the Knobbs Creek Recreation Center in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. the quilt show The entry fee was ...
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